Paperio is a new massive multiplayer online (MMO) IO game where your main objective is to expand your territory as much as you can. Starting from small piece of paper, you get to build your massive territory and defend it. has a simple yet interesting gameplay. You will get a small piece of paper which you can control to mark the border of your territory. Marking the territory, you get to expand it if you made a complete perimeter around it. But be aware, there are other people expanding their territory. Don't let them touch the border perimeter you are making else your paper will die. Also avoid overlapping own's border perimeter. Gameplay

This unblocked game starts with welcome screen where you can choose your display name. You will get basic random screens at first. If you want custom skins, you need to share the game on Facebook to unlock them.

The game is quite simple to play afterward. You can use your Arrow Keys on keyboard to move the paper block around. There are no other controls options available at all. This game is easy to start yet it becomes more and more intense as your territory grow.

At first in paperio game, you must focus on expanding your paper-io territory by small block at a time. Avoiding taking a huge boundary will reduce the chance of getting killed as if opponent get chance to overlap your unfixed border perimeter, it will kill you. Also, this case will apply to your opponents as well so you better clear off the opponent yourself than taking the risk of them killing you.

There are borders around the play field. You must move and operate within the boundary. Hitting a will also kill your character. is an clear example of a simple yet interesting game that will keep you hooked.

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